“…Above all, Bonnie’s obvious passion for music has been inspiring and extremely motivating. We have not experienced this level of passion and commitment with any other music teachers”
– Jo-Anne Sibree, Former student



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Photo: Isabella Borgers

Photo: Isabella Borgers

Bonnie Brown is in the highest demand for private tuition, workshops, teacher training and public masterclasses internationally. Because of her own career as a concert artist, she offers a unique level of tuition that sets her apart from the majority of music teachers for children and young adults.

While she is a specialist in the musical instruction of children from the age of 3 years old, she works with students of all ages and levels. Her pupils range from total beginners to pianists at the most advanced tertiary and professional levels. Bonnie Brown has the pleasure of also regularly attracting students who travel from all over the world to undertake intensive tuition. She works bilingually, teaching in both English and in French.

With over 16 years of pedagogical experience, Bonnie Brown holds several awards for her contribution to musical education in her native Australia. As a credit to her teaching, her former students have achieved countless accolades, ranging from exceptional musical examination results, to full-music scholarships to support their schooling.

Throughout the school year, the class of students are given the opportunity to perform in small and large-scale public recitals, undertake a technical examination, and participate in intensive musical enrichment workshops (see below). Students also have the option of external examinations in music theory and performance.

Photo: Isabella Borgers

Photo: Isabella Borgers

Students are invited for entry into the class of Bonnie Brown strictly after interview and/or audition.


For three years Bonnie Brown held the position of director of the “Music and the Brain” program at the Bilingual Montessori School of Paris.

She is renowned for her passion, professionalism and her capacity to clearly communicate the joys of music to children at their most crucial stage of musical and intellectual development.

Bonnie Brown organises workshops throughout the school year for students aged three years and up. By working intensively small groups during a weekend or five-day period, a stimulating, enriching and supportive environment is provided. All participants will be guided and closely monitored by an experienced professional, while learning, discovering and interacting with others their own age.


Photo: Isabella Borgers

Workshops may be concentrated around the following subjects:

  • General musical enrichment
  • Sight-reading and music theory (solfège)
  • 4-hand or duet playing
  • Music history and appreciation


“…(Bonnie Brown) is exacting in her presentation of written music…she has the total attention of every student…She is a dedicated and excellent teacher…” – September 2011 – View full testimonial

“…(Bonnie Brown) has instilled (in our children) a love of music and playing the piano. Through an approach that blends enthusiasm with rigour…” – May 2008 – View full testimonial

“…Above all, Bonnie’s obvious passion for music has been inspiring and extremely motivating. We have not experienced this level of passion and commitment with any other music teachers” – May 2008 – View full testimonial

“….(Bonnie Brown) was recommended to me by an accomplished musician as someone who was passionate about teaching children. This has proved true in full measure…” – May 2008 – View full testimonial

“….is a very enthusiastic and vibrant teacher who encourages enjoyment for learning and a desire to achieve…Bonnie really is an inspiring teacher and the lessons are always a pleasure.” – May 2008 – View full testimonial